IP Address

If You want to access the admin page or a Login Page type or in your webs browser’s address or search bar or Just Click any of the below buttons.

This will be based on your local IP address & this should be your or your admin’s IP address. This will work only if you on the same IP network or IP address as your wifi router’s IP.

Some Default login Username and Passwords for IP

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: 1234

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: admin

IP Address:

Username: 1234

Password: admin

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: –

How To Login [ Simple steps ]

Indeed, login to IP address is not an everyday task so most people don’t know that “How to login to any IP address” and they also search for this on the internet and some also don’t know “How to find an IP address of any router”. So don’t take any tension just follow some easy steps that I mentioned below.

To access or login to the IP address, it is necessary to check that your router and the device you are using is connected properly.

Step 1
Once you have made sure about connection , Make ready your IP Address & Open your web browser . IP Address

You can find the IP Address on the back of your Router packaging.

Step 2
Just type IP Address to search or address bar of your browser & hit Enter or Click here .
How to login IP Address

Common Default Username & Passwords list is given above.

Step 3
Done, Now you are seeing a Dashboard of IP Address of your Router.

If you have forgotten or the default username and password not working don’t worry just read & follow the instructions which I have Given Here.

Changing Router IP

If you want to change an IP Address of your router you can use Admin Panel to set up and personalize your router’s features like changing IP, Password etc. An Admin Panel of a Router contains options that are able to change the default local IP Address of a router.


Log in to an IP Address is a very simple step as mentioned above. This article is very useful to the users which do not have any problem but what about other users which are searching and getting a problem and showing an error like this “webpage is not available” is a very common problem faced by many users.

Here Is How To solve it?


Make sure you enter the correct router IP address.

it is a very strange thing but sometimes it is the problem that we can’t care about what we are typing in the search box of our web browser. So first make sure you have entered the right IP address of your router.


Check that the IP address you are typing is from your router.

If you have checked that you are typing the correct IP Address and it is still showing an error you should check that the IP address you are writing is of your router.

You can find the default IP Address of your router on the back of your Router packaging.


If the ethernet cable is not properly connected

It is also one of the reasons why you not reaching the login panel that your ethernet cable is not connected to your computer properly and your computer showing error. Check you have connected the cable properly or not.


Reboot The Router

Rebooting the router is also a very useful technique to solve the problem you just have to do is reboot the router it allows the router to change IP Adress to its default condition.

If You are still getting error or problem you can read more solutions HERE

Restrictions of Using

The IP Address is a Private IPv4 IP Address, which means that it cannot be used to connect to a router that is outside of the home network. To run two routers on your home network at the same time, they’ll need to have separate IP addresses.

FAQs is an IP Address.

192.168. 2.1 IP Address is mostly used by brands like Belkin, Edimax, or SMC, etc.

it is a unique number that is associated with a specific computer or computer network

An IP Address Stands for an Internet Protocol Address.